Alternative Transportation

All vehicles that use gasoline, otherwise known as internal combustion vehicles (ICE), add greenhouse gases into our environment and ultimately contribute to climate change. The good news is that there are alternative ways to get around town that will lesson your greenhouse gas emissions and in some cases provide physical exercise. 

Electric Vehicles (EV's)

All Electric Tesla Vehicle

If you are in the market for a new car, consider an electric vehicle! EV's run off of battery, do not use or burn gas and oil, and require far less maintenance--think no more oil changes! There are so many options these days and the mileage/range that a fully charged vehicle gets has improved greatly over the last decade, popping up into the 300's even, which is comparable to an ICE vehicle. Charging stations are popping up everywhere and there are plenty of online resources for finding charging stations and even apps for your smartphone. Check out the Environmental Protection Agency's comprehensive map of electric charging stations all over the United States. Please also note that there are both federal and state rebates available when purchasing an EV and we suggest you look into those as well. 

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The City of Bowie is proud to host an energy efficient fleet of City vehicles which includes a Nissan Leaf, three Chevy Bolts, two electric motorcycles, and four hybrid vehicles. This is another leap towards achieving an entire green fleet and minimizing the carbon footprint of City operations.

City of Bowie Fleet

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Other Forms of Alternative Transportation

  1. Commuting Options
    Browse through the commuting options between Bowie and Washington, D.C.
  2. Public Transit
    Check out the public transportation options in Bowie.
  3. Seniors
    Find information on the curb-to-curb transportation service offered to Bowie seniors age 55 and older.

Biking and Hiking

Trails in Bowie

wba.jpegThere are miles of trails in Bowie. The trails are for biking, walking, horse back riding, or any mode of transportation other than motorized vehicles. We are currently working on updating the Trails Master Plan, to promote connectivity, ease-of-access, and green spaces. More information about local trails and the master plan update process can be found at the links below:

Bike Route Sign WBA

Bike to Work Day

The City of Bowie, in conjunction with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), participates and organizes an annual event on the third Friday of May each year called Bike To Work Day. Bowie has two pit stops for bikers, one at the Bowie Gym and one in Old Town Bowie at the firehouse (#19). The event is free and all you have to do is register on the Bike to Work website in advance for a free t-shirt and other prizes. 

Bike to Work Day website