Tree Canopy

golden trees

 A large, healthy tree canopy means...

  • Clean Air
  • Energy Savings
  • Beauty
  • Shade
  • Clean Water
  • Privacy

Trees are a valuable resource that provide many benefits to our community, and we need more of them. Help the City of Bowie reach its tree canopy goal of 45%. We are currently at 42% cover, and the greatest opportunity to plant more trees in the City exists on private property. If every household plants one tree, we would surpass our goal.

Tree Planting Programs for Residents, HOAs, Schools, and Congregations


Since 2014, the City has offered tree rebates for residents looking to purchase native trees. They are available from fall to spring.

$50 and $100 City of Bowie Tree Rebates
Also, the State of Maryland offers a coupon that is worth $25 off the purchase of one tree with a retail value of $50 or more at all participating Maryland retail nurseries and garden centers. The discount is taken at the register at the time of the sale.

$25 Tree Coupon for Maryland Residents

HOAs and Community Groups

Prince George's County wants to help your community "turn green" with trees! Through the Tree ReLEAFGrant Program, the County provides funds to community groups for planting native trees and shrubs in public or private common areas.

Small community based projects are eligible to receive up to $5,000 per project. Examples of projects that have received include tree plantings in parks and on playgrounds, memorial and street tree plantings, and reforestation projects along streams. For more information, contact 301-883-5802 or 301-883-5822.

County Tree ReLeaf Program


The County's Department of the Environment is working to increase the number of native trees and shrubs planted in the county. Arbor Day Every Day provides free trees for schools to plant and maintain on school grounds. This program educates students on the everyday importance of native trees, empowers them to enhance their community and provides funds for planting projects.

Arbor Day Every Day Program


The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is partnering with the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake to encourage houses of worship to plant trees on their property. This ambitious program offers houses of worship the following:

Educational workshops on the importance of tree planting in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Hands-on training for tree planting and maintenance
Crew leaders to guide the houses of worship volunteers on the planting day
And, of course, FREE trees!

Trees for Sacred Places

More Tree Planting Resources

Before planting a tree, please check out the resources below about tree planting, maintenance, and the benefits of trees.

State of Maryland - How To Plant a Tree
Maryland Tree Benefit Calculator