Renewable Energy

City Solar Projects

The City of Bowie has solar systems installed on many City buildings. Listed below are the buildings with solar panels and the size of each system:

  • Genealogy Library (3.6 kW)
  • Radio and T.V. Museum (8.82 kW)
  • Parks and Grounds (30.88 kW)
  • Senior Center (15.25 kW)
  • Streets and Utilities Buildings (12.48 kW)
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (19.24 kW)
  • Kenhill Center (24 kW)

Residential Solar

Solar is a feasible and growing renewable energy source in our area. As of January 2018, over 1200 Bowie households have chosen to install solar on their homes. If you are interested in installing solar panels, click the links below for more information. Make sure you sign up for our Green Bowie e-newsletter for information on upcoming solar workshops or information sessions. 

Additionally, the City of Bowie is a participating member of Solar Roadmap and has completed 8 of our 9 goals making us the leading participating municipality in the state of Maryland. As a member, the City works to make installing solar easier and more cost-effective for interested residents.

Solar Installer Certifications/Organizations

(from U.S. DOE Homebuilders Guide to Going Solar)

Solar Panel Map

An up-to-date map of solar panels installations in the City of Bowie can be found here.


Spring 2018, panels atop Kenhill Center.