I'm interested! How do I register for Alert Bowie 2.0?
To register, simply follow the link to our Alert Bowie 2.0 page (www.cityofbowie.org/alerts) and select the "Sign Up Now" button. You will be asked to:
• Create a username and password.
• Provide an email address.
• Enter locations for which you wish to receive alerts. You can enter up to five locations (i.e. your home, your work, your child’s school, etc.).
• Select the alerts you wish to receive and how you want to receive the information (i.e. email, text message, fax, voice phone call, etc.). Please note that delivery by “voice” will not be used in every situation. However, automated weather alerts you elect to receive will be sent to all registered devices, including “voice” phone calls.
• Be sure to enter a “quiet time” if you do not wish to receive automated severe weather alerts when you are sleeping.
Alert Bowie 2.0

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1. What is Alert Bowie 2.0?
2. What are some of the features of Alert Bowie 2.0?
3. Why should I sign up for Alert Bowie 2.0?
4. How does Alert Bowie 2.0 work?
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6. Can I choose what information I receive from Alert Bowie 2.0?
7. What are my options for receiving alerts?
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9. Who sends alerts?
10. I'm interested! How do I register for Alert Bowie 2.0?
11. Why do I need to provide an address?
12. Who can register for Alert Bowie 2.0?
13. Can I receive alerts from other parts of the region?
14. Will my contact information be shared with others?
15. What if my phone number(s) or email address(es) change?
16. I no longer wish to receive alerts. How do I disable my account?
17. Is there an app for Alert Bowie 2.0?
18. How much does Alert Bowie 2.0 cost?
19. What are automated weather alerts?
20. What is the Quiet Time feature?
21. What is the difference between a watch, warning and advisory?
22. What number will show up when you send me a text message? What number will show up when you call me? What address will email notifications come from?
23. Why do I get weather alerts in the middle of the night?
24. Why do I get weather alerts via a phone call?
25. Who do I contact if I have problems, questions or comments?