What can we do about litter?

Litter is a constant problem throughout the city. It comes from a variety of sources. It blows out of vehicles, it can be dropped from cars or by pedestrians, wildlife can disturb trash, it falls out during trash collection, and sometimes people deliberately dump trash on our roadways. 

The most common litter complaints we receive are about trash on major thoroughfares around the city, such as Crain Highway (US 301), Collington Road (MD 197), Annapolis Road (MD 450), Central Avenue (MD 214), Hall Road, Race Track Road and around commercial areas. For the most part, these areas are maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration or Prince George’s County. While the city regularly reports these problems to the appropriate parties, and works with the agencies to keep them responsive, we can’t direct when the problems are addressed. We can, however, work with residents to keep city owned streets looking good. We do this by cleaning up areas where dumping has occurred on our streets, by having our street sweeper pass through every neighborhood in the spring, summer, and fall, and sometimes by citing property owners for litter on private property or improper storage of trash.

Keeping our city clean and looking good is a partnership between all of us who live and work here. Never litter; keep a bag in your vehicle to dispose of trash, report litter problems whenever you see them, secure your trash in cans with tight fitting lids, and pick up litter near your home whenever you can. 

Report Litter on Major Roadways

Be part of the litter solution by reporting litter to the appropriate agency whenever you can!

Maryland State Highway (SHA) maintains state roads

Report problems on these roads to the Maryland Highway Administration:

  • Crain Highway (US 301/MD 3)
  • Central Avenue (MD 214)
  • Annapolis Road (MD 450)
  • Collington Road/Laurel Bowie Road (MD 197)
  • Lanham Severn Road (MD 564) 
  • Hall Road

Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation maintains County roads

Report problems on these roads to CountyClick 311 (dial 3-1-1) or complete the online form.

  • Race Track Road
  • Fletchertown Road
  • Governor Bridge Road
  • Church Road
  • Highbridge Road
  • Hillmeade Road
  • Jericho Park Road
  • Mitchellville Road (south of MD 197)
  • Mt. Oak Road (west of Mitchellville Road)
  • Old Chapel Road
  • Old Laurel Bowie Road

Litter Problems on Private Property

Report specific properties to the City of Bowie Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008 or to your local homeowners association, if applicable.

Questions about Litter Control?

Have questions about litter or don’t know who to report the problem to, please call the City of Bowie Public Works Department at 301-809-2344.

What Else Can I Do to Prevent Litter?

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1. What can we do about litter?