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Facility Information

The Bowie Skate Park is a lighted* 10,000 square foot concrete skating facility that is open for skateboard and inline skating and offers both street and vert skating elements. It is designed to challenge all skill levels and abilities. The use of bicycles and scooters (or any other device that has handlebars for steering) at this facility is not permitted.

The street course offers numerous skating elements including rolled banks, pump bumps, kinked rails, steps, quarter-pipes, and a unique snake run that connects the bowl deck to the street course. For vert skaters, the bowl varies in depth from 4 to 9 feet and sports an over vertical cradle that will challenge the most advanced skaters.   

All skaters are required to comply with the posted Facility Rules. The Bowie Skate Park is a non-staffed facility and is a skate at your own risk facility. Skaters and parents must understand the City is not able to monitor and govern conversations held by spectators and skaters. It is the parent's responsibility to determine if they are comfortable allowing their children to use the facility.

Spectator seating is available throughout the facility. However, spectators should be aware of runaway skateboards and skaters moving throughout the park and give them the right of way.

 *Lighting Procedures & Policy*
  • Lights will be turned on by request only until 9 p.m. daily.  Call a Park Ranger at 240-508-3881 to request lights.
  • Lights will be turned off during poor weather, such as when there is rain, lightning, thunder, ice, or snow.
  • For safety reasons, skaters must be off skating elements by 9 p.m.
  • Vandalism or violations of park rules will result in immediate park closure.
  • Please keep the park clean by using appropriate trash and recycling receptacles and by following posted rules.