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Clerk's Office

  1. Bowie Youth Council Application
  2. Youth Town Hall

    The Bowie Youth Council provides an opportunity for local students to learn about local government and have a voice in city affairs.... More…

  1. City of Bowie Committee Application

Community Services

  1. Building Permit

    Building Permit Application

  1. Picnic Reservation Cancellation Request

    Enable picnic reservation customers to submit a request to cancel a reservation online.



    This survey is intended to provide data on the impact of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC for current rental property owners/management firms in... More…

Human Resources

  1. EEO Form
  1. Employment Application

    City of Bowie Employment Application


  1. Food Waste Collection Program
  2. Neighborhood Mini Grant Application

    Apply for a neighborhood mini grant today.

  3. Planning Director Variance Approval Request (PDVAR) Form

    The Planning Director may issue a variance in uncontested cases and in cases where the variance requested is of a minimal nature, where... More…

  1. Green Bowie Interest Form
  2. Party of Record

Public Works

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Application

    This program may provide up to $1,800 rebate to a property owner for installation of a water filtration system or water filter(s) if... More…

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Disclaimer