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Community Services

  1. Building Permit

    Building Permit Application

  1. Picnic Reservation Cancellation Request

    Enable picnic reservation customers to submit a request to cancel a reservation online.



    This survey is intended to provide data on the impact of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC for current rental property owners/management firms in... More…

Human Resources

  1. EEO Form
  1. Employment Application

    City of Bowie Employment Application


  1. Energy Audit Program Application
  2. Green Bowie Interest Form
  3. Party of Record
  1. Food Waste Collection Program
  2. Neighborhood Mini Grant Application

    Apply for a neighborhood mini grant today.

  3. Planning Director Variance Approval Request (PDVAR) Form

    The Planning Director may issue a variance in uncontested cases and in cases where the variance requested is of a minimal nature, where... More…

Public Works

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Application

    This program may provide up to $1,800 rebate to a property owner for installation of a water filtration system or water filter(s) if... More…

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Disclaimer

Special Events

  1. 2022 Santa Calling

    Between December 19 - 21 Friday, Mrs. Claus will be calling children that live in the City of Bowie. This special phone call will be... More…

  2. International Festival

    Vendor Application

  1. Beautification Awards Program Nomination Form
  2. Parade Application

Youth and Family Services

  1. BYFS Group Registration Form

    Please complete the information that applies to the group you are interested in. Once the form is received, a BYFS staff member will... More…

  2. Mentor Program Application
  3. Mentor Program Parent Permission Form
  1. City of Bowie Young Adult Employment Fair
  2. Mentor Program Contact and Information Release Form
  3. Mentor Student Application

    Teen Mentoring Program