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Community Services

  1. Bowie Arts Committee Artist of the Month Application

    The Bowie Arts Committee is launching an Artist-of-the-Month program. The project’s goal is to feature the diverse and creative artist... More…

  1. Building Permit

    Building Permit Application


  1. Energy Audit Program Application
  2. Planning Director Variance Approval Request (PDVAR) Form

    The Planning Director may issue a variance in uncontested cases and in cases where the variance requested is of a minimal nature, where... More…

  1. Food Waste Curbside Collection Program
  2. Rain Barrel Registration Form

    This form is for residents who volunteer to let us know they have installed a rain barrel (or more!) to help us track our progress... More…

Public Works

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Application

    This program may provide up to $1,800 rebate to a property owner for installation of a water filtration system or water filter(s) if... More…

  1. Water Filter Rebate Program - Disclaimer

Youth and Family Services

  1. BYFS Group Interest Form

    Please complete this interest form for our group programs. A Youth Services staff member will contact you as soon as we have a... More…

  2. Mentor Application
  3. Mentor Program Parent Permission Form
  1. City of Bowie Young Adult Employment Fair - Employer Form
  2. Mentor Program Contact and Information Release Form
  3. Mentor Student Application

    Teen Mentoring Program