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  1. Based on the feedback we received from residents and focus groups, we’ve come up with a set of design recommendations that we believe are positive, vibrant and reflect Bowie's diverse community.

    Below, you will find a simple layout showcasing the primary, horizonal logo and a white outline variation for use on dark background. After that you will see a few variations - slightly rearranged versions of the primary logo design that allow for flexible, consistent, and recognizable placement in a variety of different applications. In use, the basic designs may also be modified for specific situations or events (i.e. a red, white, and blue version for the Fourth of July). 

    Please keep in mind that these designs will not replace the City seal, which will continue to be used for all official purposes. 

    The new, more casual marketing logo will be used in a variety of ways to promote the City of Bowie to visitors, businesses, and investors and when publicizing the many programs, services, and opportunities that can be found here. 

  2. Primary Logo - Horizontal Logo (with Blue Background Variation)
  3. Bowie_Masterbrand_White Interior_Horizontal_CMYK-01
  4. Bowie_Masterbrand_Sept30_Horizontal_CMYK
  5. Vertical Logo Variations
  6. Bowie_Masterbrand_Sept30_Vertical2_CMYK-01
  7. Bowie__Masterbrand_Sept30_Vertical1_CMYK White Interior
  8. Bowie_Masterbrand_White_Vertical2_CMYK-01
  9. Bowie_Masterbrand_White_Vertical1_CMYK
  10. Do these designs convey an upbeat and forward looking community?*
  11. Are they a good representation of the Bowie you know?*
  12. Will they help promote Bowie as a business destination, as a place to live, or a place to visit for an event ?*
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