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Plant One Tree on Us

  1. Step One - Choose a tree

    Review the tree selection chart to decide what species will work best in your yard. Be sure to consider sunlight/shade and proximity to buildings/underground utilities/hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. You may also wish to consider how easily you can water the tree in the first two years. Weekly watering will be needed for at least one year after it's planted.

  2. Step Two - Complete the Reservation

    Complete the items below to reserve your tree.

  3. Chosen tree species*

    Select one of the following. The first three are ornamental trees and typically grow to a maximum height of about 30 feet. The remaining trees are considered shade trees and will grow higher and have more extensive root systems.

    Please note: your preferred tree may not be available. If that's the case, staff will contact you to choose a new tree or delay your planting, if possible.

  4. Requirements of Participation*

    Each homeowner will be required to sign an agreement holding the City and its Contractor harmless. The Agreement will be sent to the email address provided above. 

    Before completing the agreement, you MUST contact Miss Utility (dial 811) to mark your underground utilities. It is a legal requirement in the State of Maryland. Once your lines are marked, choose the location and note it on the agreement. 

    Please check each box below to acknowledge the program requirements. If all four boxes are not checked, there may be a delay in processing your request.

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