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International Festival

  2. Organization
  3. Contact Person
  4. Vending Information
  5. (size is 10’x12’- please note regulations listed on accompanying fact sheet)
  6. Please check the appropriate classification
  7. Information Booth
    (Non-Profit Vendors Only)
  8. Novelty
  9. Food/Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  10. Arts/Crafts
  11. Beer/Wine
    (Non-Profit Vendors Only)
  12. Food Vendor Vehicle*
  13. *If you are selling from your vehicle, please give its size.
  14. List all items to be sold starting with the top seller.
  15. It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain a valid Prince George’s County Health Department Permit.
  16. Art/Craft Vendor Criteria
    This portion of the International Festival is juried. Please upload 6 photographs with your application. Criteria for selection is listed below.
  17. Criteria
    • Articles must be hand-made, although, not necessarily by you. If the items are imported hand-made articles, they are acceptable.

    • Articles must be indicative of a certain Country/Culture to be included in this event.

    • The International Festival Steering Committee reserves the right to deny applications if they do not meet event standards.

    • You must supply your own tables, chairs, partitions, signage, and tenting.

  18. Payment
  19. If paying by credit card you MUST call the City at 301-809-3011 within 2 business days,
    Monday – Friday, 9:00am - 4:30pm.

    If no, make checks payable and mail to:

    City of Bowie
    Bowie City Hall
    15901 Excalibur Road
    Bowie, MD 20716
    ATTN: Bowiefest
  20. Consent*
    I give approval to submit my photographs to newspapers or other publications/multi-media distributors for publicity purposes.
  21. All Vendors, Please Read and Sign
    Vendor shall indemnify and hold the City harmless from and against all actions, liability, claims, suits, damages, risk of loss, costs or expenses of any kind which may be brought or made against the City or which the City must pay and incur by reason of or in any manner resulting from the willful misconduct of the vendor or its agents or employees or the negligent performance or failure to perform by the vendor or its agents or employees, including reasonable attorney’s fees, howsoever arising or incurred, for damage to property or injury to or death of any person. Furthermore, under no circumstances shall the City be liable for any injury to Vendor, including any and all costs and expenses relating in any way to said injury, except where an injury to Vendor shall occur as a direct result of the sole negligence of the City or its agents or employees.
  22. By typing my name in the box above and clicking the submit button I certify that I have read and agree with the rules and regulations contained in the registration information.
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