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Parade Application

  1. Memorial Day Parade Application
  2. All applications are subject to committee approval
  3. Please select all that apply to you or your organization
  4. Description of Unit
  5. Parade Unit Type
  6. Unit Information
  7. Total number of participants in unit
  8. Vehicle 1
  9. Vehicle 2
  10. Float
  11. Briefly describe the elements of your parade unit.
  12. Judging Categories and Criteria
    This information is required in order to complete your organization's registration.
  13. Selecet One*
  14. In the space provided below, please provide, in 30 words or less, the information you would like the Master of Ceremonies to announce as your parade unit passes in front of the reviewing stand. If you choose not to include this information, only the "Parade Unit Name" you provide on this form will be announced. City staff will edit entries of more than 30 words.
  15. If you choose not to include this information, your unit will only be announced using the “Parade Unit Name” on this form.
    The undersigned herby agrees, on its own behalf and on behalf of its members and agents, to indemnify, defend and hold the City harmless from and against all actions, liability, claims, suits, damages, risk of loss, costs or expenses of any kind which may be brought or made against the City or which the City must pay and/or incur by reason of or in any manner resulting from the organization‘s/my participant in the City’s Memorial Day Parade, including reasonable attorney’s fees. Furthermore, under no circumstances shall the City be liable for any injury to participants in the Parade, including any and all costs and expenses relating in any way to said injury, except where an injury to participant shall occur as a direct result of the sole negligence of the City or its agents or employees.
  17. By typing my name in the box above and clicking the submit button I certify that I have read and agree with the rules and regulations contained in the registration information.
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