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Mentor Program Parent Permission Form

  2. Parent/ Legal Guardian (1)
  3. Parent/ Legal Guardian (2)
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  5. 2. I give full approval and permission for my child to participate in the Bowie Youth & Family Services Mentor Program. *
  6. 3. Permission for Mentor to provide food for student:*
    I give permission for the mentor to provide food, either lunch or snacks, for my child, as appropriate.
  7. 4. Permission to contact student outside of school hours:*
    I give permission for the mentor to contact my child outside of school hours by phone, for the purposes of following up with the student and enhancing the relationship.
  8. 5. Permission to share student’s school grades:*
    I give permission for the grades of my child to be shared with the BYFS Teen Mentor Program staff to assist in facilitating the best match with a mentor, for my child. Grades will be shared with his/her mentor, in order to assist the mentor in having an understanding of my student’s needs.
  9. 6. Permission for verification of attendance:*
    I give permission for the assigned mentor to verify my child’s attendance on planned meeting days.
  10. Parent/ Legal Guardian (1)
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