COVID At-Home Test Kits

COVID Home test Distribution End

Where can I find at-home COVID tests?

The US government is distributing a third round of COVID tests. Compared to previous rounds, you’ll be sent double the number of tests — eight instead of four – and they’ll be shipped in two separate packages. If you skipped any of the previous rounds, you’ll also be able to place a second order. Request yours now at COVID Home Tests | USPS.

Use the Maryland Department of Health Test Site Locator tool to find a COVID test site. 

For updates on COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, including a complete list of clinics in the County, visit

How can I find out about other test kit distributions?

The City will announce future test kit distributions at our facilities on this website and on the following channels:

  • Social media
  • Bowie Government TV
  • Message to Alert Bowie subscribers
  • Bowie Brief

Other Prince George's County test distributions can be found at Prince George's County At-Home Test Tracker and schedules can be found here Prince George's County COVID-19 .