Camera Rebate Program

The City of Bowie and the Bowie Police Department are thrilled to offer the first Bowie Security Camera Rebate Program. In an effort to encourage more outdoor cameras on residence exteriors, we are pleased to provide a $50.00 rebate to any resident who provides receipts for a home security camera purchased and installed beginning November 17, 2020.


What is the rebate program?

The Program offers a $50.00 rebate for the purchase and install of any one outdoor video camera. The camera must be installed on a residential property within the City of Bowie. Image of the receipt of purchase and picture showing the camera installed outdoors on the home lot is required and can be submitted via the disclaimer form (below). **Please note: If the value of the purchased camera is less than $50.00, the rebate will be for the amount of the camera, not including sales tax.**

Who is eligible for a rebate?

Only residences within the City of Bowie limits are eligible to apply for a rebate. The rebate is for one (1) camera only per one (1) residential home.  

What are the requirements to be eligible for a rebate?

- The camera must have been purchased and installed on the Bowie, MD residential property on or after November 17, 2020.

- The camera must be installed on the exterior of the home or residential property fence/shed/garage (as long as the camera is installed outdoors and within the residential property).

How do I apply for a rebate from the Program?

Applicants must first read through and accept the disclaimer here before proceeding to the application. Note that, once the disclaimer has been accepted, a receipt and picture of the camera is required. Upon review and approval, a check will be mailed to the applicant's residence. Need more information on the Program? Contact our office at 240-544-5793 or 240-544-5797. Thank you for your interest in continuing to help keep the City of Bowie one of the safest cities to live in Maryland!

Did you know?

We are on the Neighbors by Ring app! We encourage all to download the free Neighbors by Ring app. Users do not need to have any cameras installed to download the app. Should a user have a Ring camera, they can link their Ring camera once in the app and will be able to share video with all users should they desire. If a user has another camera brand, they are still able and welcome to use the app, but will be unable to share video from their non-Ring brand.

The Bowie Police Department utilizes the Neighbors by Ring app as a public agency by being available to share video with. Here’s how it works:

-A Detective from our department request video footage from Ring users within an area in the City of Bowie. They define a specific date range and timeframe for footage that they need in order to investigate an incident.

-Ring users only in the area specified by the detective receive an alert via email that video footage has been requested by the Bowie Police Department within their area. 

-Those users can choose to share their footage with us. Doing so could help us in investigations, but users are not required to share any footage with us if they do not wish to do so. If they wish to share footage, they are able to review the footage before sending to the Detective. If they do not wish to review/send footage, they can simply ignore the email/decline.

The Bowie Police Department does not and will never have access to home surveillance cameras. Ring users can choose to share footage with our department or not. 


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