Bowie Race Track Property

The City of Bowie is slated to become owner of the Bowie Race Track by the end of 2023. Learn what this means for our community and how a Task Force made up of City residents and Bowie State University representatives is working to shape the future of the property.

The Task Force meetings are open to the public (view the schedule), and the flowchart below provides an overview  and timeline of their activities. If additional information is needed, call (301-809-3045) or email Joe Meinert, the City's Planning Director.

Task Force Flowchart

  1. background
  2. task force
  3. public input

The City is expected to become the record owner of the property known as the Bowie Race Course Training Center (the “Bowie Racetrack Property”), which includes approximately 180.84 acres. This includes all of the land located at 8311 Race Track Road, 8406 Race Track Road, 8408 Race Track Road, 8410 Race Track Road (view a map of these parcels). The Racing and Community Development Act of 2020 (Chapter 590 of the 2020 Laws of Maryland), called for ownership to transfer to the City on or before December 31, 2023, which was pushed back to December 31, 2024, by the Maryland General Assembly during their 2022-2023 session.

According to Chapter 590, the portion of the property transferred to the City that is within 100 feet of the top of the Patuxent River bank must be used for passive recreational activities, including hiking, wildlife viewing, picnicking, and walking, and the remaining portion of the property may be used only for active recreational activities--including baseball, football, soccer, and cricket--and have only one structure that is up to 50,000 square feet constructed on the property. Furthermore, by January 1, 2021, the City must enter into a joint use agreement, which includes an easement, with Bowie State University for the future use of the property. The City and Bowie State University must report to the General Assembly on the final terms of the joint use agreement. Until the required conveyance, the owner of the Bowie Race Course Training Center must operate the center as a thoroughbred training facility to provide more stall space for the racing industry in Maryland.

On January 4, 2020, local elected officials held a community meeting  to discuss the future of the Bowie Race Track Property (view the recording here). City Council directed staff to work with the Council and representatives of Bowie State University to obtain a mutually acceptable Joint Use Agreement for future uses on the property, as set forth in Senate Bill 987 and Chapter 590. On December 7, 2020, City Council approved the Joint Use Agreement